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Welcome to 'An Seotal' - the Gaelic Terminology Database

Aims and objectives

‘An Seotal’ is an on-line terminology database, particularly aimed at Gaelic-medium subject teaching in the secondary school, but with provision for and accessible to all other users.

The database contains the following information:

  • Terms searchable from English to Gaelic and Gaelic to English
  • Other relevant lexicographical information, e.g. gender of nouns, plural forms, etc
  • The school subject area(s) to which these terms relate
  • Examples of usage where relevant
  • Community vocabulary page, where users can make enquiries/suggestions
  • Information and links to Gaelic education resources
  • Terms searchable alphabetically and by subject
  • Site is fully bilingual

New features being developed:

  • Audio pronunciation of terms
  • Guidance on grammar – nouns and accompanying adjectives can change depending on what case they are in and whether or not they are preceded by the article. In order to inform and educate users a grammar grid is being added to the notes sections of the terms, to give guidance on putting the terminology of ‘An Seotal’ into practice.
  • Gaelic idioms and phraseology – an interactive page giving guidance on idioms and phraseology and will allow users to submit enquiries regarding turns of phrase, proverbs, etc. It will also include a guide on using these terms, both in written and spoken communications, with its aim being to act as as an aid to inform and enrich the written and spoken language of users.

Information for users

If you know of a term that should be included in the database, or have any other suggestions please contribute using the

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